It is true that Android is quite flexible not to mention ready for customization but when you include phone makers as well as carriers, what you will have instead is a phone that is filled with restrictions not to mention preloaded software that you really don’t need. Although you can’t find anything wrong with this kind of smartphone that is preloaded with apps, those who consider themselves as tech-savvy prefer to go beyond the restrictions put in place by carriers through rooting.

Rooting is basically the same as that of jailbraking in iOS phone where you can gain full administration control over your smartphone. Once you have reached the root of your Android, you will then be able to remove or install applications that are suitable for you. When you root your own Android smartphone, you can replace its OS with a newer version without having to wait for updates which can take ages before it is rolled out.

Although the steps needed to root an Android device varies based on the make model of the phone, it appears that rooting is already becoming streamlined as the years progress. Among the Android phones that are often rooted are Google Nexus, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. You should keep in mind, however, that once you root your Android phone, you might not be able to get it serviced when it breaks down.

Why root your Android phone anyhow? First of all, you can get rid of any built-in apps that you don’t really need which means you can open more storage space in your phone. Second, you can get updates faster than having to wait for months before your carrier passes the updates to your phone. You can actually get updates directly from custom ROMs instead of having to wait for ages to get it from the regular channels. Other benefits of rooting include longer battery life, full customization of your phone and create backups of your phone’s data.

Although there are many benefits to rooting your Android smartphone, you should also know about the disadvantages. The most likely problem that you will end up with when you root your phone is that the warranty will no longer be available unless you flash stock the original ROM. Also, if you are not paying attention to the way you root your phone, you might end up with more problems than before.

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