The second beta for iOS 7 has been released by Apple on Monday just two weeks after the first beta was released to developers. The recent version was said to contain fixes for the bugs found on the first version including “improvements” that have yet to be documented.

One of the biggest features found in the iOS 7 beta 2 is that it has a version for iPads and not just the regular models but the Minis as well. The first beta was only for iPod Touches and iPhones with Apple guaranteeing their customers that more support will be released for other devices.

Apple has required developers to sign an agreement that they won’t be disclosing anything but this hasn’t stopped some from posting on their blogs about the latest features of the new iOS 7.

It has been a common practice for Apple to release numerous versions of a product or software that they are developing before they offer them for public consumption which, in this case, is to happen in the fall. When talking about the number of versions people should expect before the release of iOS 7, the iOS 6 had 4 versions between its June debut and its release on September of last year.

It has been a long time since Apple has been scrutinized so closely when it comes to its software development. The last time was in 2010 where the iOS 4 was developed which introduced multitasking features. It is true that iOS 7 sounds promising not just in terms of visual experience but functionality as well. This means that with Apple working on overhauling old features of their iOS, people should expect to see more changes to be made to the iOS 7 before it will be released for public use.

It appears that the iOS 7 will include an old feature of Apple which is the voice memo application that has been reworked to go with the times. This hasn’t been provided during the initial version of the iOS 7 which is something worth waiting for.

Many are waiting for the release of iOS 7 but it seems that Apple still has more tweaking to do with their operating system. Still, it looks like that they are on the right direction especially when they have released a version that includes updates for iPads unlike before.

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