Internet Security

Do you have concerns about internet security? Computers have become a common tool for communicating and research both in the office and at home. The large majority of computer users connect to the Internet on a daily basis. When they do, the internet has many risks. When you bank, shop, surf the internet, send and receive email, you run the risk of revealing yourself to con artists, hackers and thieves.

Computer Services can help keep your computer clean and show you easy steps to stay secure while online.

Trained technicians can help with the following:

  • Spyware, adware, viruses, etc.
  • Keep your identity safe
  • Keep down the amount of junk mail from your inbox
  • Set up a secure wireless network to keep outsiders from hacking your computer
  • Lock out certain sites that aren’t safe for children
  • Help protect an internet based phone line

How to keep Computers Secure
Keeping your computer safe while online, will save you money and help keep you from losing valuable information. Each time you use the internet, you increase your chances of getting spyware, viruses or adware. Viruses can come through emails that you open or through programs that you download and install. Spyware and adware attach themselves to programs you may have downloaded from the internet or through web sites with pop-ups that you try to click off.

You always need to look out for unusual things on your computer. Is the PC running much slower all of a sudden or restarts itself? To help prevent these things you should make sure you have internet security software that you keep updated and actively running. You can have your anti-virus software automatically update itself and/or you can do a manual update jut to be safe.

Once you update the security programs with patches, run the anti-virus software again to fix any problems you might have. Sometimes this can take awhile.

In addition, you’ll want to run any anti-spyware and anti-adware software. These programs can be safely downloaded just by visiting a website. If you notice strange emails, its best to delete them, especially if they’re from someone you don’t know.

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