Buying a New Computer

Let’s say you’re thinking about buying a new computer. There is so much new technology out there that all the options for your new computer are endless and can be confusing when choosing. So, how do you go about deciding the right computer for your needs?

No matter what type of new computer you buy, you can get the technology that allows it to handle all the programs you plan on using at an affordable cost. This includes advanced program applications such as speech recognition or video downloading and editing. You also need to determine the price range you’re willing to spend and stick to that budget when buying a new computer. Computer systems can cost anywhere from $500 to over $3000.

Computer Needs Assessment

To help you understand what you need when buying a new computer, you need to answer some questions.

1. What is my budget? If you have a very limited budget when buying a new computer, you may want to look at some of the computer manufacturers that base their business on inexpensive computers. You will be able to afford more advanced technology (yet not the newest) and get more computing power for your dollar. The drawbacks to this are that you are not purchasing the newest in technology, you will have difficulty or may not be able to upgrade at a later date. The general reliability of the computer will be lower than a higher priced computer.

2. What am I going to use the computer for today and in the future? If your only use of the computer is to do light word processing, email and surf the internet then you only need a basic computer. Let’s say you are going to be installing large programs such as the newer version of QuickBooks, downloading programs from the internet or playing games (both local and internet) or editing pictures and videos. When buying a new computer you will want to look at the higher end PCs with newer technology.

3. How long do I want the technology to be able to handle advances in software and hardware that is developed in the future? As far as price goes when buying a new computer, the higher the price – the newer technology that you purchase. Newer technology will serve you for a longer period of time.

4. Do I want to start with a base PC and upgrade hardware later? When buying a new computer, you’ll want to look at PCs that are of good quality. You can cut the cost by leaving out some of the advanced options such as DVD-RW, you can add these features later as you save for them.

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