A Few Words About Us

Our commitment to security is evident in our history. We’ve always executed well above sector criteria. Ttech Services of Arizona completely takes part in our customer’s security programs while carrying out all kinds of solutions for your structure. Making sure the safety of your workers as well as our own is our top concern.


A Tech Facility Maintenance Company

Ttech Services is a leading center maintenance firm in Arizona, flaunting over 100 years of experience in the industrial center contracting industry. Our service-focused mentality and dedication to innovative services is what develops our customer relationships right into partnerships, decade after decade. Our extended data base throughout a broad series of solutions as well as industries is just what assists us deliver advancement and excellence in center maintenance for every firm we serve.

It has been our objective to be a company that brings best-in-class facility upkeep as well as security systems to structures and residential or commercial properties and also will certainly remain to be today, tomorrow as well as each day then.

Our Work Team


Greg Chavez

Chief Executive Officer


Terry Bates

Site Assessment Supervisor


Garry Lowe

Marketing Director


Sonya Reyes

Customer Support

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